Vitalise your health and connect fully to your humanity through Integral Vinyasa Yoga sequences and Meditation

Hello I’m Hugh

A broad knowledge, experience and understanding of all the Yoga ‘Petals’ has brought about a deep spiritual awareness, and an openness to practice and conversation around all the Yoga petals.

A comprehensive personal spiritual journey under guidance, and working with many seekers, has brought about an intimate discernment of the spiritual process and a means to assist you in finding your place in it.

The approach is about developing sensitive self-awareness while applying and exploring all the petals of the Yoga flower and progressing according to your personal needs and capabilities without judgement.

I am welcoming, receptive, accepting, and responsive while attending to your specific needs.

I appreciate the fullness of our humanity and am appreciated for my own humanness.

Yoga and Meditation

Light, bright and a feeling of well-being and clarity is the experience of any Yoga practice, whether a sequence of poses, breath practice or Meditation. The Yoga practices have this effect from the beginning and permeate into more and more of one’s life with each subsequent practice. Join Hugh on your continuing journey of exploration and understanding of your body and mind.


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Kleinmond, Western Cape, South Africa